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Double head latex foaming machine German technology

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Double head latex foaming machine German technology
Double head latex foaming machine German technology
Introduction of double head latex foaming machine
Double head full automatic continuous latex foaming machine (PLC computer control, with memory of multiple formulations)
Qingdao Chengjin machinery production and marketing of automatic continuous latex foaming machine, 20 years of experience! Proficient in mechanical properties, familiar with a variety of latex production process formula
Double head, cj-30, cj-40, cj-50, cj-60
Advantages of double head foaming machine:
A. After reform, the foaming ratio can reach 15-20 (adjusted according to product requirements)
B. Die design, automatic temperature control facilities, product quality
1. The foaming is uniform, delicate, high rate and high quality.
2. According to the foaming principle of aerodynamics, the foaming density is adjusted by air pressure. The production process is simple and easy to master.
3. PLC computer control, man-machine interface operation, storage of multiple formulations.

Double head latex foaming machine application: it can be used for latex pillows, latex mattresses, latex insoles, shoe materials, etc