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Brief introduction of latex pipe mechanical equipment

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Brief introduction of latex pipe mechanical equipment
Brief introduction of latex pipe mechanical equipment
When it comes to latex tube machinery, you may not know much about its products, latex tubes, tension bands, bandages used in hospitals and so on. In this way, you can understand what latex tube machinery is. With people's understanding of health, more and more people begin to pay attention to health and start to keep fit. The equipment used in fitness, such as tension tubes and tension bands, are all made up of latex tube machinery It's made of equipment. Natural latex has high elasticity, durability and strong tensile force, which is especially suitable for producing tensile pipe. For tension tube, it is produced mechanically. The latex tension pipe is the same as the spray pipe used in foreign gardens. There are usually two kinds of processing technology, one is extrusion, the other is impregnation. The extruded one is better than the impregnated one. The tensile strength of dipping is higher.
What is the composition of latex pipe machinery and equipment: first of all, the latex needs to be deaminated, and the mixing barrel, latex foaming machine, setting machine, vulcanization machine and drying oven are used

Process flow of latex pipe machinery and equipment: unwinding, gluing, setting, vulcanization, drying

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