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Latex foaming process and foaming vulcanization process.

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Latex foaming process and foaming vulcanization process.
Latex foaming process and foaming vulcanization process.
At present, there are two latex foaming processes, one is Dunlop process, the other is traley process, Dunlop process is chemical foaming, and traley process is physical foaming.
Dunlop process is commonly used, and the cost of traley process is a little high. Generally not recommended. The natural latex is collected and foamed by the latex foaming machine. After foaming, the vulcanization process begins. The natural rubber and other small materials are mixed and stirred, and then injected into the corresponding mold for vulcanization and steaming.
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Vulcanized latex has no obvious difference from ordinary raw latex except that it is slightly yellow in color. The latex stability of vulcanized latex is better. Through microscopic observation, it can be found that the Brownian motion of rubber particles is faster and the viscosity is lower than that of unvulcanized raw latex. After drying, the film has good physical properties, especially the tensile properties are much better than dry rubber products. The vulcanization of latex is different from that of dry rubber, that is, there is no risk of 'scorching'. This is a very unique form of vulcanization.
The basic process of latex vulcanization is when latex is added with various vulcanizates

The use of natural latex and the realization of its application value, no matter what kind of latex products are manufactured, must go through the solidification process. Natural latex has a stable colloidal dispersion system. Due to other factors such as mechanical action, the addition of chemicals, as well as the influence of environment, climate and temperature, the process of phase separation and agglomeration of the system is called latex condensation, That is, solidification.

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