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Which is better for RF drying latex products and dryer drying latex products

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Which is better for RF drying latex products and dryer drying latex products
Which is better for RF drying latex products and dryer drying latex products
The last step in the production process of latex products is to dry latex products. The machinery and equipment used for drying is the dryer, and the traditional dryer is the drying room we do. Now there are also popular dryers, RF dryers and so on.
In principle:
The principle of the dryer is to generate power through electric power, diesel power, wind power, inflammable power, etc., heat it with ambient air, transport it to the surrounding area, and then reach the appropriate temperature for dehumidification treatment. Good drying effect and good elasticity. lithe.
Radio frequency dryer uses the polar movement of water molecules under the action of high-frequency electric field to cause violent collision in the drying material, so as to achieve the evaporation of water molecules from the inside. It is different from the traditional direct heating drying method. It has the advantages of high efficiency, uniform drying, wide adaptability, little damage to the dried objects, accurate moisture regain control and so on. Suitable for automatic control. The penetration of electromagnetic field makes the dried products have a certain expansion effect, which greatly improves the elasticity, softness and hand feel.
In terms of drying time:
The drying time of RF dryer is shorter, and that of ordinary dryer is longer.
In terms of cost
Dryer can be self-made drying room or drying machinery, with lower cost. RF dryer needs high-frequency molecules and electromagnetic field, and the cost is higher.
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