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Comparison of new latex shoe covers and silicone shoe covers

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Comparison of new latex shoe covers and silicone shoe covers
Comparison of new latex shoe covers and silicone shoe covers
We wear rain shoes on rainy days. At present, a shoe cover appears on the market, which is convenient and fast to carry. Deeply loved by everyone.
This shoe cover is silicone shoe cover. Also made of latex shoe covers, what's the difference between the two. There is little difference in quality and material between the two. Latex should be softer. It can usually be used to manufacture daily-use products, such as latex mattresses, latex pillows, latex bras and other products in contact with skin. The hardness can be between 60 degrees and - 40 degrees, while silica gel can be used in a wide range. Usually, some mechanical and electronic accessories, daily necessities and so on, It can be used in aerospace, military and other industries. For the shoe covers made of these two materials, the materials are environmentally friendly. Latex shoe covers should be soft. Silicone shoe covers should be harder.
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