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Is the centralized injection molding latex production line out of date?

Date of issue:2021/12/20 14:20:23 Number of visits:51

Is the centralized injection molding latex production line out of date?
Today, Chengjin machinery wants to show you a centralized injection molding latex production line, which is produced in the traditional way. At the beginning of making latex products, this traditional method is used, which will need latex products. It is foamed by latex foaming machine and injected into molds one by one. The molds are also traditional casting molds and integrated molding. It's a little heavy. Transport the molds to the vulcanization box one by one for vulcanization. The vulcanized mold shall be transported to the drying room for drying. The production line has the advantages of simple operation and low investment cost. The output of this traditional method will be smaller, which is very suitable for start-up manufacturers. Although there are many latex foam lines in the form of production lines, and many customers prefer the production line processing mode, this traditional method cannot be abandoned or outdated.
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