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What are the latex stock solutions collected from rubber trees.

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What are the latex stock solutions collected from rubber trees.
There are many latex products on the market, such as latex pillows, latex mattresses and so on. These latex products are processed by latex machinery and equipment, so we all know that in the latex solution
What is noodles made of? Let's introduce it to you. Natural latex is collected from rubber trees. The natural latex collected is usually called latex stock solution. Fresh latex
It contains water, protein, inorganic salt and so on. In addition to the stability of the latex, some of its decomposition products can promote the vulcanization of rubber, improve the strength and delay
However, it also has disadvantages, that is, it has strong water absorption, which will increase the water absorption and electrical conductivity of the subsequent raw rubber and products, making them moldy,
At the same time, the content of protein is high, and there is a tendency to increase the heat generation of rubber
A general term for a group of substances. There are mainly bark alcohol, a small amount of sucrose, glucose and galactose, as well as the decomposition products of these substances, in addition to inorganic salts, soluble protein
Rubber with high water solubility may have higher strength, but it has strong water absorption, which can make the processed raw rubber and products absorb moisture, mildew, and reduce the electrical insulation, so raw rubber
The content of water-soluble substances should also be properly controlled. Acetone soluble substances in fresh latex refer to substances soluble in acetone, mainly including oleic acid, linolenic acid, stearic acid, sterol and other fats
Acid and acetone soluble matter is one of the important substances to form the protective layer of rubber particles. It can make the subsequent processed rubber more easily obtain plasticity during plasticizing. Some acetone soluble substances also have

The inorganic salts in fresh latex are mainly potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and a small amount of phosphate or sulfate of aluminum, iron, copper, manganese and other metal elements. These salts are large

For fresh latex, the content of calcium and magnesium is high, which will reduce the stability of latex and concentrate the subsequent processing
The mechanical stability of latex is affected, especially the metal such as copper, manganese and iron, which are the strong oxidants of rubber and can promote the aging of rubber
The bacteria content of latex in the field is usually between 2 and 4 million per milliliter,
Bacteria can grow and propagate rapidly in latex. Bacteria can decompose protein, destroy the protective layer of rubber particles, and ferment the sugars in latex into acid and neutralize the protective layer of rubber particles
At the same time, because bacteria also decompose sulfur-containing protein and generate hydrogen sulfide, the latex will deteriorate and produce the smell of rotten eggs
The main components and contents of fresh latex harvested from Hevea trifoliate trees, as well as the functions of various components in latex, should be considered in the early collection and processing of latex and the processing of later products
It is very helpful for the purchase, acceptance and testing of latex raw materials and dry rubber raw materials, as well as the manufacturing of downstream products, formulation design and process technology formulation
Introduction of milk stock solution.
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