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How to deal with latex waste

Date of issue:2020/11/27 8:17:43 Number of visits:359

In the early stage of production of latex products, it is the first time to test the machine. When injecting the mold, some general products will be produced due to the different formula ratio. These products are wasted. So how to deal with them? At present, the information from the manufacturer said that there is a special recycling of waste materials. It can be cut into small pieces or filled into latex pillows. Like latex mattresses such large latex products, there are many manufacturers through the latex flat cutting machine equipment to cut it into pieces. It can be made into cushions we usually make. The price is cheaper, but also saves waste! Qingdao Chengjin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of latex machinery and equipment. Its main business is intelligent automatic latex foaming machine, latex bra production line, latex insole production line, automatic latex mattress production line, automatic latex underwear production line, automatic latex pillow production line, latex toy latex shoe material powder puff production line and other mechanical equipment. The company has a complete technical team, machinery to process technology can be fully responsible for. Customers can buy the equipment and wait for the product to come out.